A letter from the Founder

  “Four years ago, we launched as a college student run and led organization with the idea of connecting homeless individuals to services through the refill of a BakPak. While we were successful with our outreach events, I knew we were only scratching the surface. Over the past two years our group has been digging deep to address the roots of health inequity for those experiencing homelessness, and in January of 2019 we will be launching Arizona’s first health navigation and transportation system for those experiencing homelessness.

The work and body of BakPak will always serve as the foundation for Elaine. While I honor and am so appreciative for where BakPak has led us, BakPak has found a new journey. And with that new journey comes a new name.

A recent naming opportunity was presented through a substantial gift of the Herzberg family. Elaine Herzberg was experiencing homelessness when she tragically lost her life after being struck by a vehicle this past year. BakPak reveres the adoption of Ms. Herzberg’s name to memorialize her life through a service that will directly touch the lives of many other homeless individuals.

  Elaine will represent compassion, protection, and guidance. We will work hard to ensure that we create a culture around Elaine, which invokes a sense of hope and safety in our clients.

Thank you to all of you who have allowed us to get to this point where we are fortunate enough to explore such a big and new chapter. We are excited and ready to serve as Elaine.”

- Vivienne Gellert, President and Founder of Elaine